Alba Botanica’s Sea Lipid Moisturizer


It seems like I’m always looking for the perfect facial moisturizer. It’s not that I haven’t tried some wonderful products in the past, it’s more of a quest to see what’s out there, what’s new, what impresses, and what fails miserably. Obviously you enjoy it, too, or you wouldn’t be poking around on sites like this one.

There I was in Meijer, looking at my choices for an inexpensive, as-natural-as-possible skin creme; the shelves were full of products I recognized, some I didn’t. With my husband waiting…patiently, I carefully examined the lipidcremeingredients lists on the back and the bold marketing ploys on the front. After about ten minutes, I’d made a decision. Drum-roll please…it was the Alba Sea Lipids Daily Creme.

Initially, I made this decision based on the small price of $14.95 (just spent all the extra money on my daughter’s prom get up), then the “no parabens” promise had me. Just so you know, I later found on that this product has a hazard rating of 4, which is within my under 5 standard. Knowing that there was nothing fancy or life-changing in it, I went in with fairly low expectations. It would have to do until the last daughter grows up and gets married…

Anyway, what I found was pleasantly surprising. I actually liked it. The Aloe Vera and Marine Complex (5 algae extracts) instantly soothed my dry areas without over moisturizing the oilier ones. Additionally, it seemed to add a healing touch to several blemishes that had popped up recently. Mildly scented and formulated with a light feel, the company claims it to be appropriate for all skin types, which I concluded to be true, at least as far as my combo skin is concerned. I would like to hear how it does with oilier skin, however.

Though I do believe that any product is best used with the entire line for optimal results, I was unable to purchase them all at this time. It is good to know that the whole collection including, cleanser, toner, scrub, mask, and the moisturizer would only set you back for around $60. Thankfully, it’s not fighting with my other products and is leaving my skin happy (smooth, balanced, and healthy looking).

If any of you have used Alba products in the past, please let us know what you thought of them. I can definitely give my recommendation for the moisturizer in the low price, natural category. It would also make a great line for teens and young adults who need to be thrifty.

For more information about Alba Botanical products, check out their site here.

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  1. I am always on the lookout for more “natural” skin care lines, but living in Kansas makes it difficult to have many options. I have been using Aubrey products, but they have not completely won me over. This is the first line of more “natural” products and I just cant seem to find the right combination for my skin type. Dry/combination everywhere except my forehead which is oily!

    I might have to check out this line of products and see how it is.