Going “Bare” At the Mall

Life_Without_Colour_by_RaminaRibcageMy Sephora Experience

After spending the day roaming the mall with my teenage daughter, I had come to that place we mommies call “I’m done”. With my recently sprained ankle aching and my brain on overload, I ventured into Sephora. Now, keep in mind, I really wasn’t in the mood for a bareescentualsmakeover or anything even close to it. However, the sales staff was accommodating and genuinely helpful when I asked about a product I wanted to try. Before I knew it I had been wrangled into a comfie chair (aaahh…) with a well-made up gal standing in front of me armed with beauty gear. Since I was there, had her undivided attention, and needed to sit for as long as possible, I decided to go with the Sephora flow of try-it-before-you-buy. I had always wanted to try the Bare Escentuals foundation but never found the right time. The perfect opportunity had arrived.

Picture 004

I cleansed my face, creating a bare canvas for her to begin the trial. She first used the base primer that now comes free in the starter kit (a $25 value). I had her use the Benefit Erase Paste concealer on my blemishes and under eye circles (this was the product I asked about in the first place). She then proceded to not only apply my personal shade of Bare Minerals but taught me how to use it. After the base, bronzer, and powder veil was applied (all included in the $60 kit), I was amazed at how much coverage I got with such a light feel.

Picture 008

I’ve used mineral makeup before, but I’ve never been so pleased with the immediate result and that after wearing it for a couple of hours. And, the fact that it is actually good for your skin makes it a winner in my book.

Picture 001

She didn’t leave me with just the base on; she completed my makeup job with several other products in the Benefit line. I was amazed at how the better foundation made the finished application look nearly flawless. All of my darker areas, dark circles, and blemishes were nowhere to be found. Impressive indeed.

Picture 010

I will give you more details in the coming weeks about Benefit and the products I’ve had the opportunity to try. I really lucked out with going into the store during a Benefit promotion. They loaded me up with a bag filled with goodies, including several of the products the sales girl used on me during the makeover. I left a happy camper and feeling beautiful. I’ll share more soon. Cheers.

Photo one by RaminaRibcage

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  1. Wow, what a transformation! I’ve never had the same luck with Bare Minerals but maybe it’s in not knowing how to apply it just right?

  2. Shelley Clements says:

    I’ve been interested in the Bare Minerals/Bare Escentuals stuff over the years, but I’ve read on a few different skin blogs that these ‘Bare’ companies are using more and more ‘fillers’ in their products and it isn’t as ‘pure’ of a product as it used to be. There are other brands out there. I’ll have to dig up my notes to see what I’d written down. It really turned me off from many of the ‘bare mineral’-type products…

  3. I keep running into people who love Bare Escentuals. I really need to try it. I can’t get over the difference between the first and second pictures!! I have a lot of redness so I need more coverage than I’m getting now.

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