Gettin’ Jeggy With It

By now, we have established that I am a late adopter to fashion trends. So believe me when I tell you that NOBODY was more surprised than I was with my recent outlet mall purchase.

Black. Jeggings.

Oh yes – not just jeggings (which I have been thinking about for a while). Black jeggings. I had a pair of black jeans back in the ’90s, and when I saw them come back to life last year I wanted to cry. They just seemed so… dated? Cheesy? I don’t even know what. But I saw them on the rack and admittedly, I thought they were dark wash denim when I first saw them. But once I got them on in the dressing room, I realized they were black. The voices in my head were fighting:


“But… they’re kinda cute?”


“Shut up. I think I’m going to try them on.”

You guys – I liked them so much that I wore them out of the store! I wore them with my favorite boots (seriously, you guys. Go buy them!) and a long grey sweater. I felt so stylish, yet also like I was wearing pajamas. THAT is a win, my friends.

I wish I could show you the exact ones I bought, but alas, outlet items aren’t available online. SO. I took it upon myself to find you some black jeggings of your own.

These DKNY jeggings look cute. I personally prefer boots with my jeggings, but the shoes she’s wearing are kinda hawt.

DKNY black jeggings from They're more than just shoes!

DKNY black jeggings from They're more than just shoes!

I’m having technical difficulties getting a picture of them, but today has some Michael Kors black jeggings for a mere $29.99. I’m personally not a fan of the zippered legs (a leeeeeeetle too ’80s for my taste), but to each their own, right? 🙂

American Eagle also has some. I’ve heard they’re really comfy, but that they fade pretty quickly. Keep that in mind, unless you want gray jeggings.

Jeggings from

Jeggings from

Now. I will leave you with one final pair, but I am SO NOT on the stirrup pants bandwagon. They didn’t look good on me 20 years ago, they don’t look good on me now. Of course, I don’t know that because I refuse to even go near them… but perhaps you like this sort of thing. 😉

These are from I guess maybe if you wore boots over the stirrups, you'd never know... but... still not my thing.

These are from I guess maybe if you wore boots over the stirrups, you'd never know... but... still not my thing.

Have you jumped on the jeggings train yet? What are your thoughts on the trend? And – do you have a favorite pair/brand? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Ha! I just bought black jeggings this week too!!!!! I’m a little nervous about wearing them, but they really are SO flattering on. Mine are kind of narrow-waled corduroy, so they look almost like velvet.

  2. Ugh and yuck. My hips are entirely too wide for this sort of thing.

  3. Tiffany, I totally thought the same thing about myself until I tried them. I’ve found that my comfort level with l/jeggings is directly proportional to what kind of top I’m wearing. It almost has to be a dress for me to be OK with it – at the very least, my top has to go to mid-thigh! That said, though, the key to rocking ANY trend is being comfortable. And that skipping a trend that doesn’t suit you is totally OK. 🙂

    Jo-Lynne – I am intrigued by your purchase. Link??

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