stressing about maternity fashion

I’ll admit that when the excitment of finding out that I was pregnant subsided, I began to worry about silly, frivolous things. Like fashion.

My due-date is sometime in August, and that means that I’ll be the worst kind of pregnant during the worst time of the year to be pregnant. Y’see, here on the east coast we get humidity, and not in small portions. When leaving the office after a day of work, I practically have to swim to my car through the muck of the moisture.

So here was my concern: What am I going to wear?

It’s hard enough to stay fashionable during the heat of the summer when all you really want to do is wear your husband’s white cotton T and call it a day. Or is that just me?

I hear it’s going to be just lovely with another being sharing its 98.6 degrees of body heat with me.

So here’s what I’m trying to remember:

1. Pick fabrics that breathe. Cotton, cotton, cotton. Need I say more? The best part about being pregnant in 2011 is that there are so many great options. Cotton isn’t just a bland fabric anymore, it’s really quite spiffy. Check out this lovely embellished tank from the Gap.

embellished tank

2. Don’t be afraid to wear skirts. This is something that I’m having trouble with but lots of women who’ve been pregnant before me say is essential for comfort. So I’m going to embrace it. How adorable is this? Or this?

3. The tank top is your friend. I’ve heard it from about two million pregnant women – No one actually only gains belly weight during pregnancy; there’s this magic thing that happens where everything from your chin to your toes put on a few pounds or so. So tank tops can seem scary, but let’s face it, it gets hot out there, so we’ve got to be comfortable too. Like ruffles? Me too! What do you think of this adorable tank from A Pea in the Pod?

Even this button-embellished tank from Old Navy is great.

Maternity fashion has evolved so much over the last decade that women don’t have to sacrifice looking great during those nine months anymore. We can have our cake and eat it too! {mmm, and doesn’t chocolate cake sound just like the yummiest thing ever?}

Now, I’m off to shop!

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  1. I always loved being pregnant because it seemed my maternity clothes were cuter than my regular clothes. Which I guess means I need to re-evaluate my wardrobe. 🙂 Enjoy! I was pregnant through the summer four of the six times and I wore tons of tanks and skirts. I love that maternity clothes are now more fitted and shapely, rather than tents.

  2. First of all, congrats on your pregnancy! 🙂 Secondly, I had my baby in July so I know what you mean. I had loooooooots and lots of Gap tanks, Motherhood “perfect belly” (or whatever it’s called) skirts and a couple of dresses. Being 5’8″, it was not easy to find dresses long enough – the two I wore most were from Gap.

    Again, congrats – and good luck!

  3. Jennifer Young says:

    If you can find them anywhere, Lady Hathaway tanks are fantastic for layering. I got some at Costco, but they seem to be discontinued and I can’t find them online. Boo. They are long and form-fitting without being tight. AND, they do not have a built-in bra–huge bonus for me. I hate the ones that do. I mean, who can really get away with using that as a bra? Also, Old Navy was pretty much where I got all my materniy clothes this time around. Even their non-maternity stuff is really long, so I have been able to get away with t-shirts I got for $5 during my whole pregnancy. I like their jeans too.

  4. This is so exciting, congratulations!! Can’t wait to hear more about your maternity fashions… I had a great time shopping maternity clothes for my friend Elle when she got pregnant, and am throwing her a baby shower in a couple of weeks. This is such a fun time – and you’re absolutely right, there’s so much great maternity fashion!

  5. My recommendation? Buy a good pair of designer maternity jeans. You will wear them all the time and you won’t regret it! Nordstrom has some really cute and affordable maternity clothes. They only sell them on-line but if you spend $100, you get free shipping and they’ll take them back in the stores. Target has some good basics although the quality isn’t the best. Also, Pea in the Pod, Motherhood and Destination Maternity have some great sales. I bet that you can find some supercute dresses for summer on sale now!