Preparing to be the Mother of the Groom, First in a Series: the Lancome Make-Over

When I was young, I saw “old people” as different, apart, as if they didn’t have feelings or hopes. Or if they did, they certainly weren’t like mine! Planted squarely in middle age, I know now that “old people,” though maybe chubbier and more wrinkled like me, have the same feelings and hopes and aren’t so different from the young me.  It all happens so quickly.

You’re running around barefoot with your sister, going to the Shore with friends, getting engaged. Then you turn around and your son is getting married. Wait. Married?? You realize, “I’m going to be in those wedding pictures! for years! decades! They’ll be saying ‘that’s your great-grandma…’ ”

My childhood friend Tammey faces just this dilemma. What’s to be done?  Call her style- and cosmetics-conscious friend to come to the rescue: ME! There were several things to tackle – new cosmetics, a dress, and accessories. My duty is to make her look fresh and stylish, avoiding any comparisons to the dowdy Queen of England. (God Save the Queen!) First, the face. Aaaand we’re off to a Lancome National Event!


So fun!

Last year I participated in this event and it was such a positive experience, I didn’t hesitate to recommend it to her. There’s this fabulous set-up and a bevy of beautiful local make-up artists who set up the basics: skincare, foundation, lips and cheeks. The New York artist to the stars, Manuel Villegas, finishes you off with fabulous eyes.

Tammey works in a very casual setting and she had been neglecting her skin. With job changes, busy children and uncertainties in the economy, it was easy for her to cut back on her beauty regimen. When we were kids, in our group of girls, she was “the pretty one,” so I was confident we could find her again.

The local make-up artist used Galatee Comfort to cleanse her skin, a toner, then Genefique serum before applying Renergie moisturizer. She used Teint Miracle, which is supposed to have illuminating traits that lighten and brighten your skin and bounce light to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Look at the difference!

L: As she came R: after the moisturizer and foundation

Marvelous Manny used the quad called Pretty Pretty. Swish, swish! He wielded those brushes like a magic wand! The light color on the upper left was used as a highlight on her brow bone, the mauve at lower left was the contour, then he finished off with some of the pink at the outer edge of her lid.  She always had long, dark lashes, but who knew her eyes could look this good? He used a dark pencil right at the line of her lashes and below, then used just a dash of black mascara. Very subtle, yet so effective in bringing out her brown eyes!

We found her - "the pretty one!"

Follow me as we find a dress, accessories, and then the final results at the May wedding!

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  1. can’t wait to see your shopping! my brother is getting married this month so I’ve been going through the mother-of-the-groom events with my mom!