Chic Feng Shui Basics

Hi Everyone!  This week I want to talk to you about Feng Shui (pronounced: fung-shway). Now, I’m not trying to convert you to some Eastern religion, I’m simply giving you the basics of a design concept that, in my opinion, really does make a difference in your home and life.  So, please stay with me as I share a little about one Chic concept on which to base your interior and even exterior arrangements.

The first thing you need to know about Feng Shui is that its concepts are rooted in ancient Chinese spiritual beliefs. Now, as I said before, no need to convert to a new religion.  In fact, Feng Shui practices have spread throughout the world and definitely into the modern West.  After spending several months studying Feng Shui, I realized that it basically teaches common sense and how to create a calm, safe environment that promotes the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

On e of my favorite books on Feng Shui is The Western Guide to Feng Shui: Creating Balance, Harmony, and Prosperity in Your Environment
Her easy-to-understand text combined with photos and diagrams made learning (and applying) Feng Shui principles to my home fun and adventurous!

If you’re ready to take on some Feng Shui ideas, let’s get started with a REALLY important part of the process:  YOU MUST CLEAR YOUR HOME OF CLUTTER!!!! I know, I didn’t tell you there was work to do…sorry.  Unfortunately, you will have to clean up any messes that linger on the floor, tables, chairs, entry, counter-tops, etc.  Clarity of space and an uncluttered home are two of the most important Feng Shui principles.  The concept is that energy flows throughout any space better when it doesn’t have a bunch of stuff in its way…you know, shoes, toys, husbands (just kidding), dirty laundry, and all that other stuff that you know should not be there.

The next step is to maximize Feng Shui in any space by understanding the Bagua Map (pronounced: bog-wa). See the diagram of the various areas of your life.  The best way I found to incorporate the Bagua is to draw a simple diagram of your home (all levels).  You can trace the life-area boxes onto a sheet of transparency or tracing paper.  Now, lay the Bagua over your home diagram with the entry point indicator lined up with the entrance to your home.  The rooms/areas of your home will match up to a specific area on the Bagua overlay.  The purpose of this is to clarify what areas of a space have the most energy for certain life endeavors. And though it’s not always possible to have your master bedroom in the love & marriage section or your child’s room in the creativity & children area, you can add some elements to those areas that have corresponding meanings.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Just in case you didn’t notice, the boxes are all different colors.  These represent the main colors of each life-area. Let’s say your L&M area ends up in your kitchen.  Don’t worry, you can still enhance that area by adding Feng Shui elements.  You could set a photo of you and your significant other on the counter or fridge top.  Add something pink to that area for added enhancement.  Simple things that get you thinking about bringing out your best “feel-good” things.  I told you it was common sense.
  • If you have an area of your life that is sluggish or even dead, add a living element to it.  Plants, fruit bowls, fresh flowers, or even lively art will instantly put you in a better mood while in that space.  And because you now understand what that area represents, you will think more positively about it….cool, huh?
  • One more tip for now: Always arrange the furniture to allow the most energy flow in and out of a room.  If you always run into a certain table or chair when you enter, chances are, that isn’t the best arrangement.  If it’s peaceful and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you look at it, it’s probably right.  Again, common sense.


Well, that’s all we have time for today.  Check out the next part of the series when I explore the Feng Shui way to spice up your love life and bring in more money! Until then, happy decorating and Feng Shui-ing!


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  1. Great tips. Love this article and the atmosphere is so relaxing.

  2. Thanks! The key is actually implementing the decluttering part…the hardest. Secondly, keeping it organized.

    I’ll be doing another article on some specific ways to improve the atmosphere of your home using Feng Shui principles. Stay tuned!