Enhance Your Love Life with Feng Shui

In the last part of the “Feng Shui” series, I briefly explained the basics of the ancient art of placing objects to enhance your life. One point I strongly made was that you don’t have to be involved with the religious aspects of the tradition to utilize the “common sense” ideas incorporated with Feng Shui.

Today we’ll explore some fun and sexy ideas to put a little heat back in the bedroom. Many couples complain about how their love life has declined as the years pass and children seem to take over their time. Well, I’ve noticed one thing that happens that could also be a factor in a waning romance. It’s the condition of the master bedroom and bathroom.

Piles of laundry, shoes, school papers, unpacked suitcases, and unfinished projects have the ability to shut down the marital bliss.  Decluttering your bedroom is just one way to get the mojo back in the space.

Another way is to enhance the room with the placement of objects and furniture to best support the positive flow of energy. You will need to go to the Bagua Map I posted with part 1. This map is your key to what areas of your home are specific to the various areas of your life.  Now, in the same manner in which you placed the map over the home diagram, you will do for your master bedroom.

Place the entrance to the room at the bottom of the map just as you did with the entrance to your home.  Locate the part of the room that is in the love and relationship square.  You can enhance any part of your bedroom that you like, but the “love” area is the most sacred space, according to Feng Shui principles. If at all possible, move your bed to this area, as this will put the place of intimacy within the strongest energy. If that can’t be done, try enhancing it with red or pink objects; such as, roses, art, a photo of the two of you in a red frame.

Live flowers and plants are the best to cultivate positive energy.  You could also incorporate a small water feature to the space by using one of those personal fountains on a table in the “love” corner of the room. I like to play soft, relaxing music in the bedroom throughout the day as a reminder that the space is for sleep and intimacy only. Yes, that means removing the tv, computer, work desk, and the stationery bike.  All of those distractions are part of the problem.

Remember when you didn’t let anything get in the way of making love?  Somehow, all those “distractions” have wreaked havoc on your sex life.  OK, so just get rid of them!  Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to remove the children…  But if there’s a will, there’s a way! Kids are smart, though.  If they see you working on your bedroom, making it romantic and peaceful, they might just get it…hopefully.

Other Feng Shui Tips for a Smokin’ Love Life:

  • Remove anything from the room that bothers you.
  • Fix any holes in the walls or broken furniture as soon as possible.
  • Make sure to only have photos of you and your significant other in the room.  NO family portraits!  This is your sacred love space and is not to be shared with others.  You have plenty of room for displaying the kids and inlaws in other rooms.
  • Air out the room (even in the winter) often.
  • Open the curtains or blinds to let natural light come in during the day.
  • Make sure you have enough lighting in the room.  Dark spaces can breed negative energy, even if your not aware of it.
  • Make your bed every day!
  • Go shopping together for some sensual art that speaks to you both.
  • Add some touches of pink and red, using candles, nic-nacs, or fabric.

Well, I hope this post gives you some things to work on.  Let us know how Feng Shui spiced things up!  Happy decorating!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I think so much of this is true. I don’t have a tv in my room. In a past relationship there was a tv in the room and it seemed like such a distraction all the time! Currently my room is a disaster, so it is a good reminder for me to read this and know that there are things I need to change!