Why Suffer for Fashion?

I’m a huge fan of incredibly high stiletto shoes when they are appropriate, but let’s face it…some are just not very comfortable. Take for example my pointy toe black leather pumps. They are very sexy and my husband loves them, but my feet do not. So I was happy when I got the opportunity to try some products by Kushyfoot designed to stylishly comfort my aching tootsies.

First up are the Lace Foot Covers. They are like very low lacy socks, designed to be seen through dressy shoes, but with a cushion under the ball of the foot for comfort. I kinda like how they look with no shoes on, but I confess that I don’t quite *get* how they are supposed to work with shoes. It would be great if the website would show some examples of this. The lace is really pretty though!

lace foot covers
lace foot covers

Then there are the Ultra Low Foot Covers. These work well with my black stiletto pumps and do offer a bit of extra comfort under the ball of my foot. Since I am a firm believer in bare legs I will be using these for sure.

Next up I tried the Microfiber Tights, which are great for winter outfits, but it’s 90 degrees here today so these are on hold. These look and feel like regular tights but have a funky texture on the sole that are supposed to massage your feet. They feel comfortable enough but I confess I haven’t tried wearing them around long enough to know how much of a foot massage you really get.

massaging tights

Finally my favorite product from Kushyfoot that I have already used and will continue to use: the Flats-to-Go. Yes, they are exactly what they sound like! I was slightly skeptical about what kind of flats I would be able to throw in my purse or briefcase and carry around with me. Last week I flew to New Orleans for the Mom 2.0 Summit conference and I took with me my most favorite pair of platform caged stilettos to wear during the day. They really are pretty comfortable but by the end of the day I was tired of trying to negotiate the main staircase between hotel floors in heels. So out came the black Flats-to-Go for a test run. They really are cute! They look like basic black ballet slippers but are very thin. With a stretchy heel they fit and stay on perfectly, and the sole is a sturdy and slip proof soft plastic.

So the verdict is that I really love the Flats-To-Go and highly recommend them to anyone who likes to wear crazy high heels somewhere but knows they will eventually hurt too much. This is especially true at conferences. They really are at least an solid option for this fashionista!



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  1. I am dying to know how the pads on the soles of your feet work. Did you put them on with heels? I need something for the bottom of my feet – I feel like my shoes are killing me!

    • I did put them on with heels and they offer some comfort, but I’ll be honest that I have used Dr. Scholl’s gel pads for under the balls of my feet and I think they offer more cushion. BUT they can be hard to keep in just the right place unless you stick them down. At least with these foot covers the cushion stays in the right spot.

  2. I have at least 4 pair of shoes I refer to as “limousine shoes” – because I can only wear them if I’m going to be drooped off and picked up right at the door. #FashionSlave

  3. Andrea (PARENTise) says:

    So, I like the idea of flats to go, but what do you do w/ the shoes that you were wearing. My stilettos wouldn’t fit in my purse. It’s the one thing that keeps me from trying them out!