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Sorry, folks, I didn’t quite get the Vlog done for this edition of Inside Moves. So, instead, I want to share some powerful and creative information about color, specifically as it applies to home decor.  I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but color can change your mood and possibly even bring about a greater sense of well-being.  It has been used for thousands of years to signify and promote wealth, health, life, and love.  The art and practice of healing the body, mind, and spirit with color is called Chromotherapy. Considered an “alternative” to standard medical therapies, practitioners believe that using various colors and light balances the body’s energy and brings inner health.  Though Chromotherapy has been established as a viable wellness tool by alternative practitioners and therapists, it still receives criticism from the medical community, as it’s methodology and results are difficult to prove to their satisfaction.

I have used color therapy (somewhat unbeknownst) by simply asking clients how each color family makes them feel. Truthfully, certain colors make you feel better in general, especially if you love them.  On the other hand, some colors could make you feel not-so-lovely emotions.   If you don’t know what emotional reaction you’ll have to certain colors, you might want to do some experimentation before buying into that “pretty” purple or “power-packed” red.  My suggestion is to expose yourself to different colors by visiting restaurants and/or stores which are painted the color your considering.  Spend some time there and get a true sense of how you feel.  Write down your reactions at one, five, twenty, and sixty minutes of exposure.  And, don’t forget to take your family along with you to get their opinions.  If traveling around the city to find spots with your favorite hues is too much, try visualizing yourself surrounded by whatever color you choose.

I truly do believe when you surround yourself and your family with the right interior hues, you’ll be absolutely astonished at the positive results. Inspiration, wellness, and joy could be one color away!

Here are some popular colors and what significance they have to mood and well-being:

RedsConsidered the color of your root or foundation of life, red is one to be around if you need motivation, mood improvement, and vital energy for health.  Reds can be overwhelming if used in abundance in the home, so think about how you want to feel in the space before going gung-ho with it.  I love to use red as pops of inspiration or as accents to spice things up!  The photo is a perfect example of how to use red for drama and to add a “happy” factor.

Oranges Bringing about thoughts of summer and citrus fruit, orange is a favorite mood-booster for many.  It has a clean, fresh connotation that seems to speed op emotional and physical healing…IMO.  It is  naturally creative-boosting and can help with shyness or lack of self-confidence.  Again, as in the case of red, orange can be strong in large doses.  Be careful not to over do it.

Yellows Depending on the shade of yellow you choose, you will get different emotional results.  It’s intense in a sunnier shade but can be demure and extremely calming in a more golden tone.  This naturally cheery hue is one I find energy boosting and youthful.

Greens Again, different shades, different results.  Unless you’ve had a really bad experience in a sage-painted room, the lighter greens tend to expedite emotional and mental healing.  Another helpful use for green is to set a peaceful and serene tone, such as that which you’d want to have in an area your family frequents.  Young children usually do well in green rooms.

Blues Picture the ocean…how does it make you feel?  Full of life, social, creative?  All of these things are natural reactions to the color blue.  It’s the color of the rainbow that “speaks” to many with a hopeful flair!  Blues are universal, meaning they usually go with just about any other color and they are liked by almost everyone.  Why?  Don’t know for sure, but blue is one that you can use in large amounts without negative repercussions, in most cases.

PurplesKnown in some cultures as the “royal” color, purple tends to bring about feelings of strength and security.  It is also serene in lighter shades and can promote creativity and spiritual awakening.  I think every room should have at least one purple object in it!

Experiment with color combinations, too. There are benefits from having many colors in one space, especially if you are a creative soul, longing for inspiration.





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