Getaway Style with the SHU box

Today we are participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting about How To Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans over at Motherhood Your Way, and we are excited to welcome Sarah from the SHU box to All Things Chic!!

Hello from the SHU box!

I am honored to be posting on All Things Chic as part of a big blog swap organized by the crew at Life Your Way! While the content at the SHU box ranges from time management to cooking to fitness to this season’s most eye-catching wedge sandals, I figured I would stick to fashion this time around.

Since it’s summer and we all have vacation on the brain, let’s take a trip, shall we? In this fashion fantasy, we are headed to the islands for a long weekend [which islands? doesn’t matter! somewhere fabulous!], and a $2000 gift card to anthropologie has just materialized for each of us out of nowhere.

I know — miraculous, right?! Could Oprah have been involved in this somehow??

We’ll never know . . . but whatever the mechanism, it’s clear that on this little jaunt, we are all going to look fantastic. Here’s what’s going in my bag:

for the beach

lane lines maillot: stripes rule the shore

or, perhaps the modern triangle bikini in a beautiful turquoise to match the sky

of course, we’ll need a coverup: the all isles chemise will work nicely

i hope these dulcina slingbacks can withstand a little sand

the lovely seagulls tote for all of those beachy essentials!

for lounging on the deck, apres-sun

a nod to nautical in the atmospherics shirt

effortlessly chic in joe’s denim shorts

almost but not quite barefoot in the sierra estralla sandals

dinner out

looks like this all-inclusive stay includes a night on the town!

will definitely be needing this breezy little ikinimba dress

and a cheerful pair of open agenda wedges to light up the evening

I hope you all enjoyed this little [mind] trip, and perhaps the exercise will add a little inspiration to your next packing list. For plenty of anthro-centric fashion ideas [and a big eclectic mix of much, much more], come visit me at the SHU box! We can swap vacation memories and souvenirs . . . bon voyage!

Visit Life…Your Way to see all of the Ultimate Blog Swap participants!

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