Hair Feathers – The Trend from Hollywood to the Heartland..

My young daughters have requested hair feathers for the Summer.  It is all the rage in Hollywood at every age – from Steven Tyler to Kei$ha and Selena Gomez.

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(Photo credit)

Now it’s not just a Hollywood style, but almost every salon here in America’s heartland is doing hair feather extensions. The cost ranges from $10-$45 depending on quality, type, quantity and the salon. They say they last about two to three months.

You can also buy feathers online and do it yourself as there are some YouTube videos to help you with the process.

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I am still unsure if my girls will get them.  On one hand I think they are too young and the feathers are expensive, but on the other – it is kind of fun and cute and would be nice for summer.

What do you think of the trend?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m always fascinated about how young girls find out about these trends in the first place. My young daughters don’t watch tween TV, music videos, don’t shop in the mall, etc., and yet they still seem to know all about what’s trendy and cool for much older teenagers. I’m not particularly keen on the particular role models who are wearing feathers, so I don’t think I will go for this trend for my daughters. There’ll be time enough for fun, silly fashion trends for them when they are old enough to earn their own money and pay for them themselves.

    • Hi Elizabeth – I agree that is amazing that they find out about it. We do not have cable TV or watch anything more than G rated movies, they have never seen a music video or attended a concert – but if they go to school with kids who do – well, they know and ask.

      I have told them that if they do extra chores they could possibly earn enough to pay for feathers, but currently I am not paying for them. Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. I actually think they’re cute and fun for summer. I’m getting them and so is my 3.5 year old.

  3. Jackie W. - Kanasas says:

    There are feather earrings out there. They start at around 10 $.

  4. We sell do-it-yourself feather extension kits. If you would like 15% off, enter feathers at checkout. Vailid until 7/1/11

  5. Christina says:

    I recently discovered these funky hair feathers and personally think that they are a great idea for kids of all ages. They can actually be very inexpensive if you buy them online and create your own special hair piece. They are so nice because they do not damage your hair. i am 13 and i’ve never dyed my hair but feathers like these make it possible to express yourself. For kids that are young it is fun and safe so why not?

  6. Cozy Friedman says:

    I’m loving the hair feathers trend for kids–such a colorful & fun way to accessorize! I own 3 children’s hair salons in NYC and the feather trend is hotter than ever. I actually just blogged what I love about the hair feathers trend, check it out and feel free to comment!