Summer’s Here – Dive In!

With today being the first “official” day of summer, I wanted to take a minute to tell you about my swimsuit.

Yeah. I’m going there.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about National Swimsuit Confidence Week? I got caught up in the flurry of activity and discount codes and free shipping, and I ended up buying a couple of suits from Lands’ End.

Best. Purchases. EVER. Let me show you what I bought:

Images from, and no that's not me.

Suit #1 is from the Beach Living line – the Floral Bandeau Tunic Top and the Mini SwimMini, both in Bright Berry. The tunic top is the greatest thing that has EVER happened to a swimsuit. The convenience of a two-piece, yet my belly is nowhere to be found. LOVE IT. My husband even commented about how I looked good in my suit, and you know why? It’s because I was confident in it. Every body part that brings me insecurities? Covered, locked and loaded. I can’t express to you how much different I feel in this suit, and that’s because 1) It fits like it’s supposed to, and 2) It’s made well. And, well… 3) It’s just a cute suit!

As a sidebar, if you do go with this suit, other bottom choices that would match the top would be Blackberry, Petunia Rose, Bright Coral Bloom or Black. I didn’t realize how prominent each of those colors are in the suit. I love how versatile it is!

I also bought a second top to go with it, the Sweetheart Tunic:

Still not me. Image still from

I *like* this top, but I think it’s going back. It’s just so… plain. I prefer the print on top with the solid bottom. The solid top-solid bottom combo just isn’t doing it for me. If I were to keep this top, I would pair it with black bottoms to at least add a LITTLE interest. The cool thing about ordering from Lands’ End, though, is that you can return things to your local Sears store. I love when online stores make it easy like that!

Suit #2 comes from the Shell Beach line.

Score! This suit is so fun!

The top is the Adjustable Tunic Tankini and the bottom is the SwimMini with Tummy Control, both in Island Orange. I have to tell you – if you like this combo, keep your eye out because the orange sells out frequently (there is a blue, which is also nice, but I really wanted the orange). I fell in love with it after Lands’ End (smartly) sent me a catalog, and by the time I went online to order, it was completely sold out. I, however, am a swimsuit stalker because I literally checked for it multiple times each day for online replenishments. My persistence paid off because I found both pieces in my size one day. WHEEEE!

Truth be told, I haven’t even received this order yet. But assuming that the pieces fit the same way that Suit #1 fits, I can already tell that this suit will be a favorite this summer.

Ladies, the bottom line is this: Yes, you’ll pay a little more for these suits. But having the ability to walk around the pool without scurrying for your towel or coverup? PRICELESS. I highly recommend.

Disclosure: I bought these suits with my own moola, and was not compensated in any way for this post. However, Lands’ End, if you’re looking for a new spokesblogger, you just let me know, mmmkay?

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  1. you cannot beat a lands end swimsuit! very modest without looking matronly and they last several summers. totally worth the investment!

  2. I love Land’s End suits. Great quality. And since having a baby recently, I love the coverage and, uh-hum, the fact that they have D-cup size tops (though my only complaint is that the selection is far less in D-cup suits). Oh, and they are having a sale right now…