Blue Sky Home Planning Products *Giveaway!*

I was recently provided the opportunity to review the new line of Blue Sky Home Series household planning products, and I am here to tell you – this stuff is great! Let’s take a look.

I should first disclaim this post to tell you that I am a paper junkie. I love colors, prints, patterns, anything that makes my paper pretty. And this stuff is really pretty.

The first thing I pulled out of the package was a planner.

Oooo... pretty!

It’s not just a regular planner, though. It provides an entire month snapshot; a list for you to organize what to do, who to call and what to buy; and then you flip the page and get into the daily/weekly nitty gritty. It’s certainly nothing revolutionary as far as calendars go, but it’s soooo pretty. And I definitely like the consistency of the Do/Call/Buy list (which you’ll see in a second!).

The next things I removed from the package were the Multi-task Mouse Pad and the Grocery Checklist Pad.

I love that it all matches! (*cough*I'M A NERD*cough*)

The Do/Call/Buy is a tear-off notepad that doubles as a mouse pad. When you’re done with the notepad, it reveals a beautiful mousepad that you can keep. I’ve seen these note/mouse pads before, but the backer is just cardboard so when you’re done, it’s done. Not so with this clever product! I like that you can have your list right there with you when you’re working, and when you randomly think, “OH! I have to {whatever it is that you have to do}!” you can just jot it down and move on.

The Grocery Checklist is a great concept – you can divide your grocery list into several main categories so it’s easier to shop. The list has a magnetic backer, so of course it can live on your refrigerator and you can just keep a running list during the week of what you need to buy. My only problem with this list is that it’s actually TOO symmetrical for my needs. There are only five slots for fruits and vegetables, for example. And five slots for beverages. Well – for me, that’s just wasted space. I buy more than five types of produce in a given week, but I only buy one beverage. And I hardly ever buy household products at the grocery store, so… again, for ME, I’m not sure this is the best use of paper. It would be better for me if I could write in my own categories, or if it was just a lined list.

The final sample I was provided was a pad of Door Notes.

Oops! I forgot my {blankety blank}.

This is a really cool idea – you know how you think of things at the most inopportune times (like, for example, as you’re walking out the door)? Just keep a pen nearby (which I could see being the only downside to this – where do you put the pen?) and jot it down as you’re leaving. For me, it’s not practical to leave this up all the time – I have a very curious 3-year-old. But this is a great list to hang on the door the night before you leave for a trip, to make sure you packed everything you need. For me, because this would be a limited-use product, I’d probably like it a little more if it were dry-erase instead of a notepad. But, then again, little fingers might erase my pack list that I worked so hard to create if it were. 😉

The Blue Sky Home Series offers 14 products, all under $10, and come in two color palettes. Check them out at your local Target (available now!), or shop online. Or, better yet… you can win your own sample pack! It’s giveaway time!


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