The Modern Kid Collection at GapKids

Love. Love, Love, LOVE. The new Modern Kid Collection – Gap’s 2011 Fall Line – is simply fantastic.

My daughter’s opinion of the Modern Dance Collection for girls?

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I LOVE IT! I LOOOVE IT! I WANT ALL OF IT!! CAN I PLEASE PLEASE GET THAT SPARKLE TOP!?!?!?!?” [said in an incredibly loud, high pitched voice]

It is so so cool. Super girly, if that’s your style, but also lots of pieces that are less girly if its not. Tons of mix and match potential, trendy (but not too trendy) and perfectly styled for girls. I’m amazed that this line will take you from 6 year olds to tweens with no problem. Its that versatile. (Heck, I’d take some of these pieces in my closet!)

And the boys Modern Grafitti Collection is fantastic too!

Very cool, very fun. Love the City Hoodie and the Plaid Windbreaker. And again, somehow they managed to make it appropriate for little boys up to teenagers.

Well done, Gap Kids. Well done. This is the fall collection to beat.

(all images via gap)

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