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Ceramic statuette, “Our Planet”,; $139.95

Have you ever been in someone’s home that just looked “store bought”?  You know, like a cookie-cutter model that fell WAY short of expressing the owner’s true personality. During my interior designer days, I often found two things at the core of this decorating dilemma. The first being lack of knowledge, and the second being fear of rejection. I served many clients who simply could not pull a room together to save their lives . . . without help, anyway.

One of the biggest problems was not choosing paint colors, furniture, or even fabrics . . . it was the accessories. I believe the finishing touches that make a house a home are the most important; therefore, choosing them can be a little intimidating. As a designer, I always looked (still do) for unique home items that really “speak” and “express” the client’s authentic personality. One company,, in particular has become an ongoing resource for clients and myself when it comes to purchasing amazing home accessories. Here’s why I love them SO much!

My relationship with Novica started about a year ago when I was contacted by their marketing department. They simply wanted to expand online visibility and offered me the opportunity to sample some products in exchange for my honest reviews. I was hooked after my first experience. In fact, I am now expanding my involvement with Novica by sharing their artisan creations with live home events. I will share more about that later. Anyway, I wanted to show you some of the beautiful things Novica offers through their easy-to-navigate website. I will say this though: I had a hard time deciding what to get because of the vast selection of extraordinary products. Remember, your personality will shine the brightest with the details you put in your home.

  • This lovely walnut box, “Tree of Love” was my latest find ($47.66, I purchased it as a gift for a special friend who needed a secure place to keep precious items. Wild beauty grows strong with every branch and flower of a mysterious tree, rendering this box unique. Expertly hand-carved from walnut wood by M. Ayub, this box is a testimony of carving traditions that have excelled throughout time. When I saw the detail of the carving and the quality craftsmanship, I felt so proud to not only have found such an awesome gift but to have the chance to show others what these international artisans are creating.

More hand-crafted items from…

  • This Ebony Elegance box ($92.66, was my second choice…a close second. Suresh Garg (artist) presents this beautifully hand-carved jewelry box. Reminiscent of ancestral India, the ebony wood box is adorned with a floral network. This box is reminiscent of the Mughal era, renowned for its detailed and exuberant artistry. OK, how amazing is that!!!! Can you see this treasure displayed on your mantel or bedroom dresser?




  • Because I am rather impartial to things with contrast, this “Golden Jasmine” vase really caught my eye!  Evoking golden jasmine blossoms on leafy vines, Duangkamol (artist) creates a beautiful home accessory you will want to talk about. The voluptuous globe is bathed in deep blue glaze while the low relief motifs reveal the natural color of the clay. The vase exhibits the crackled finish of true celadon ceramics. Items such as this are truly one-of-a-kind, as each are hand painted and reflect the moment of the artist.  At $128.99, “Golden Jasmine” makes a blissful addition to any decor or a treasured gift for a special loved one.

Design Tip:  When seeking accessories that “speak” all things you and all things chic, look for quality, contrast, and elements that bring you true joy. Look at the space in which you want to highlight and allow yourself to visualize it in perfect balance. What colors do you see? What shapes pop into your mind? If you see a flower there, add a vase of fresh flowers or something more immortal like the Jasmine vase. If you imagine a family photo upon your favorite table, look for a frame that embraces your personality and the love you feel. Just allow your creativity and uniqueness to shine!  Happy accessorizing!

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