How To Wear Fall’s Hot New Trend: Ponchos

Fall is already here in most of the country, and even this morning in Houston there was a brisk breeze in the air. So if you’re one to pay attention to the hottest trends in the fashion industry, you probably already noticed the abundance of a long forgotten piece of outerwear…the poncho. Capes and ponchos were indeed all the rage on the runways for the fall 2011 designer collections.

We’re not talking about the sloppy, fringe laden ponchos of the past. The new capes and ponchos are more structured and sophisticated, sometimes in solid colors but often in rich plaids as well.

First I’ll show you one super expensive designer outfit incorporating a sweater poncho that I loved. This poncho is by Missoni, the leather skirt is Bottega Veneta and the boots are Louboutin. So…yeah…WELL out of my price range.

Missoni poncho

But here’s a really stylish sweater poncho you can get at Kohls for a mere $30!

Charcoal swearter poncho

And if you want to go the true outerwear route, this lovely cream wool poncho is at H&M for $199, which is not a terrible price for a wool coat.

H&M Poncho


Finally here’s another plaid poncho from Kohl’s that I think is simply gorgeous and irresistible at $112. This one may just have to come home with me.

Plaid Poncho autumn

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