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The outside flowers have seen better days.  You no longer can just hang out by the pool.  And, the inside of your home may be lacking in the cozy department.  Well, fortunately, it’s not rocket science to create an alluring, warm environment for the changing seasons that are upon us….unless you live close to the equator, that is.  I’m going to give just a few tips to help you transform your space into a cozy, chic haven for the whole family.  The best thing about these “tips” is they don’t take a lot of money or time to pull off.


Warming Up A Cold Interior With Sensual Elements

Often during the Spring and Summer months, we love to bring elements of the outside in by placing vases of fresh flowers around, using floral air fresheners, and cool, light-colored accessories.  We do it because it makes us feel good to be inside and it reflects the season we are in.  When I decorate a space, I use all five senses to evoke that joy.  So, to just set some new throw pillows out doesn’t quite do it for me.  I need to hear, see, smell, touch, and taste my environment.  Here’s how to do just that…


1.  See the warmth

Yes, what we see in our home has an impact on us.  And, the change of seasons needs to be recognized visually.  You can actually change the color scheme of a primarily spring/summer room with ease, by swapping out one color for another or adding one.  For example: If your room is now done in shades of blue and pristine white, giving a crisp, nautical feeling, all you have to do is add some complimentary oranges to bring in a visual fall season element.  Keep it inexpensive by choosing slip covers, throw pillows, framed fabric or art, fall foliage, seasonal vegetables, like gourds and squash, area rugs, throws, and candles.

And, if you’re like me, you’ve already been combing second-hand stores for some seasonal treasures.  Look for unique items that you can use again year-after-year…that bring visual value to your home.


2. Smell and taste the warmth

Fresh pine cones, cinnamon, hickory, apples, brown sugar, vanilla all give off fragrances that lend themselves to chillier months.  It could be they evoke memories from our childhoods, when we sat around a bonfire or fireplace.  Or, maybe, waiting anxiously for the fresh sugar cookies in grandma’s oven.  Whatever the case, these sensual scents bring us joy and comfort.  I say there is no better air freshener than fresh-baked anything!  How about keeping your home filled with sweet treats through the fall and winter months to give an authentic “grandma’s house” experience?  And if time is a problem, get those pre-made cookies from the grocery for a quick smell-good fix.  Experiment with various fall-ish scents to find the perfect one for you and your family.  Even if I can’t always bake fresh cookies and treats, I burn scented candles throughout the season.


3. Hear the warmth

This one might take a little more creativity.  However, the best way I’ve found to add auditory stimulation to a room is with recordings of nature environments.  There are, of course, DVDs and music selections available to add some of that cozy, seasonal charm you’re looking for.  New England in the fall is one of my favorite places in the world.  And, I found a way to bring it home…well, a small part of it, anyway.  You’ll love this DVD, Fall In New England, available on for $9.95 (click the photo for more info).   And, we all know the wonderful, crackling sounds that a fire in the hearth gives.  You can’t go wrong with hickory wood to add fall scent….multitasking.


4. Touch the warmth

Ahh….my favorite of the fall experience!  Plush pillows, down comforters, and cozy, chenille throws.  Placing these timeless items around your home will give everyone who enters a sense of warmth and comfort.  Oh, yeah, don’t forget to enjoy them yourself.  Curl up by that roaring fire with an orange throw, grab a plate of homemade sugar cookies, while you sip on cinnamon tea and listen and watch your Fall In New England DVD.  Or, I’m sure, you can come up with your own Cozy, Chic Home Experience.  I have a sheep skin pillow that I pick up from time-to-time and pet it as though it was alive.  Silly, maybe, but fulfilling, nevertheless.

Successful seasonal changes within your home aren’t complicated at all….as you can plainly see, hear, touch, smell, and taste!  Happy Fall and Winter decorating.  And, don’t forget to make your Inside Moves count!


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  1. Love the color combo in the “see the warmth” photo! I’d love to pull something like that off in my house, but I’m not sure I’m daring enough! Love the post!