How to Tie a Silk Scarf

One of our most popular posts on All Things Chic is our how to tie a scarf tutorial, which was recently featured in Woman’s Day Magazine. But silk scarves (an absolute classic that brings instant elegance and style to your look) need to be tied a bit differently.

One of the easiest is the classic knot:


  1. Center the scarf in front of your neck. Gently wrap it around and pull ends forward.
  2. Take one end and loop it under and over the other.
  3. Pull both ends to the side into a knot.

Some of our favorites include:





And if you have $500 to spare you can go with the ultimate in silk scarves, Hermès!


Hermès – THE silk scarf maker – now has a blog – and if you want to see a zillion ways to tie scarfs, they have tons of tutorials!

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  1. Wearing a scarf is a great way to make your fashion statement more fabulous and chick. But of course, not being able to wear or tie them properly will definitely ruin everything. It’s great that you have posted this fashionable tips and tutorial 🙂