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Plus Size Shopping with Moe

It is easy enough to get plus size tights up to a 2x in black and nude, but don’t you feel like a little color some times? Me too. That is one of the reasons why We Love Colors Inc. is my favorite shop for plus size tights fitting up to 4x or around 370lbs.

Bright colored tights from We Love Colors

With a name like “We Love Colors” you have to wonder, “Do they really?” That is until you visit their site and see over 50 different colors that go beyond the neutrals. You want red, they have it. You want banana yellow, they have it. You want neon orange, have it. Sky blue? Violet? Lavender? Yes! Yes! And Yes! There is even splash colored and wicked witch of the East striped tights (striped go up to 250lbs).

You would think you would pay a hefty price for these fabulous colors, but they are an affordable $15 (nylon/lycra blend). Splash tights are $12, and the traditional blend are $9.

Tights made with nylon are a little more durable, especially if your legs rub. And I can attest that they are soft, have lots room even if you are tall and do not slouch in the crotch.

A few hot colors for this fall are red, electric blue, bright yellow, fuchsia, and rust. But if you want neutrals you will find grey, tan, black, ivory and pale pink.

Color Trends for Tights this Fall

What is your favorite color for tights?

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  1. Thanks for this! I’m not a plus size, but I’ve always found regular tights to be too tight around my generous thighs and calves. It’s a family trait, what can I tell ya? Plus size tights work great for me so I’m putting these on my shopping list.

  2. You are welcome! Have fun.