Holiday and Warm Dress Coats for Girls

The holidays are coming and so is winter. I love to have a warm wool dress coat for my daughters each winter that can be dressed up or down and is also holiday appropriate.

Here are some of our favorite dress coats this year:

Holiday Dress Coats for Girls

1. Peek Nicole Velvet Coat from Nordstrom  2. Mini Boden Velvet Dot Coat  3. Sisley Ruffle Coat from Nordstrom  4. Pink Trench Coat from The Gap  5. Red Wool Coat from Zara  6. Gray Sparkle Coat from The Gap  7. Cadette Coat from Crewcuts

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Written by Melissa Angert, editor of this fashion blog and author of Girlymama. You can also find her on Twitter as Melissa Angert. She is a mom of 3 living in Providence.


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