How to Wear Brights

Brights are a trend that is staying around for a while. And its understandable if you’re nervous. Especially if you grew up in the 80s…


Give it a try: it can be done and it can be tasteful. Even if you normally shy away from bright colors, its so easy to add a pop of color with just an accessory or a belt! Or, if you’re feeling brave, invest in a bright coat or bag. Think of how a bright red coat would cheer up a snowy day or how bright yellow rainboots add a pop of sunshine to rain. Bright colors bring a pop of energy to your wardrobe – grab them on days you are feeling drab and watch how they change your mood.

Brights For the Office:

brights for the office



Brights For the Weekend:

casual brights


Athleta sweater

$80 –

Converse shoes
25 CAD –

Orange bag
$170 –

Nordstrom scarve
$88 –

J Crew cashmere glove
$58 –

Old Navy knit hat
$13 –
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  1. LOVE the colors to brighten up a drab winter’s day!