Fashion Friday: Five Winter Must-Haves

Well, its December. Time to brace ourselves for Mother Nature and hope she smiles on us this winter. (A nice smile, not her smirking at us while she dumps three feet of snow on our heads.) And with winter comes the eternal dilemma… Do we choose to be chic or do we choose to be warm? Well, ladies, you’re in luck. It is possible to do both.

1. Classic Wool Peacoat: Get yourself a nice, warm peacoat, girl! You’ll be cozy warm and stylish at the same time. Channel Zoe Saldana  – if you go for a basic black or navy, spice things up with a funky scarf!


2. Black Puffy Coat: When you really, really need to stay warm, you can’t miss with a black puffy coat. Puffy coats are tricky, as we want to avoid looking like a marshmallow. But take Heidi Klum as a guide: go for a black knee-length coat with feminine details, like Heidi’s fur collar.


3. A Cute Hat: No puff balls on the top, please. Think Taylor Swift or Heidi’s picture up there. For great hats, hit up Anthropologie or Target for cute toppers like this:

4. Gloves: All you need are three words – cashmere lined leather.

5. Boots: Just because they’re warm doesn’t mean they can’t be awesome! I have these and they are insanely warm and cozy. And look fantastic!  (Check out Zoe’s gorgeous black boots in the first picture for a fuzzier option)

You’re all set! BRING IT ON, Mother Nature.

What would you add to the list?

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  1. I love peacoats. I wish I could one for every day of the week. I’d especially love ones red, navy, and camel. Ok, I’d love a purple one too.

  2. AGAIN with the cute hats! I feel like we were just posting hats yesterday… but it was probably a year ago afterall!