Beauty in Five Minutes or Less

Even though I’m a SAHM, I try really hard to plan my day so that I shower, dress, and put my “face” on. Sometimes, my plan is thwarted and I’m alloted only a short time to put on said face. So I was forced to get back to basics – find out what I can make work in 5 minutes or less. You know what? I like this “face” better than my going-out “face”. Here’s what I do:


1. First things first; I don’t have to tell you to moisturize, do I? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! There, now you can’t say I didn’t tell you. Anyway, step one {after moisturizing} is easy-peasy. I put primer on first.  It evens out your skin tone and keeps your make-up face looking fresher, longer. Just a little squirt covers my whole face. After that, I sweep on a smidge of powder foundation – not too much! It’s not meant to be seen. Lastly is blush. Some people seem to think that blush is an out-of-date sort of makeup but I whole-heartedly disagree. I mean, it gives you that soft, feminine color on your cheeks without pinching. Who could ask for more?


2. Next – it’s about the eyes. Just eye shadow and mascara. It’s that simple. For the eye shadow, you don’t need much of anything for a day-time look, but a little swipe of something neutral – a blush pink or a tan – brightens the eye a bit. I’m a fan of MAC’s Naked Lunch. My favorite mascara of all-time is Maybelline’s Volum Express Falsies Flared. I just do a couple of quick coats on my upper lashes to wake my eyes up.

3. Finally – lipstick. I’m a recent lipstick-convert. I used to only wear chapstick, or at most, a nude gloss, but for years I’ve had friends tell me that with lips like mine I should wear lipstick. So, I took the plunge. Even if your pout isn’t so full, lipstick really gives a nice finishing touch to a made-up face. I’m wearing MAC’s Ruby Woo. For a blushy-pink I like Maybelline’s Mauvilous Shine. Just do what I do – go to Walmart or Target and look at all the colors, pick out what works for you!

And that’s it! Just a few quick steps for a fab face in a flash.

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  1. Yes! This is totally my routine, too, minus the primer and plus a little smudge of eyeliner (or else it looks like I don’t have eyes at all, which is just not a good look.) I adore a really bright lip with a simple look like this. You are stunning!

  2. thanks megan! i think i may just add a smudge of eye liner to this routine….i do like the drama it brings 🙂