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Plus size clothing shops in the United States have grown exponentially over the last few years making our selection phenomenal. While we may not like every item in every store (it is the same for straight shoppers too) we have more stores to choose from than ever before. In my online travels there are five stores I keep returning to again and again because I like what they have to offer both in style options, web design, and accessibility.

Lane Bryant has been a long term favorite of mine and before online shopping I had no access to it. With their latest site update they have given shoppers access to their sister stores: Catherines, Fashion Bug, Loop18, and Sonsi allowing for one stop shopping from head to toe for a wide variety of ages and tastes. Their price points are in the mid range and they often have excellent sales throughout the year that allow for stocking up on essentials.

Plus Size Shopping at Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant

Igigi is in the forefront when it comes to special occasion and cocktail dresses but over the last few years they have been increasing their market value with the career woman producing incredible fine quality, “made in America” separates. Their price points are high but worth the cost — I consider their items investment pieces that I know I will have for the long term.

Plus Size Shopping at Igigi


Torrid is edgy, young, and trendy. It is not for every woman but I always find tops and shoes that make my shopping heart flutter. They are affordably priced throughout the year with ongoing excellent sales. And if you are into collecting points they have a Haute cash collectors system for further savings.

Plus Size Shopping at Torrid


Bloomingdales is another one of those shops I would never have access to were it not for the internet. They open the market up to many plus size designers which of course have a higher price point. You will find many fashion forward options to tickle your fancy.

Plus Size Shopping at Bloomingdale's


eShakti is bringing affordable custom fitting clothing to the forefront for plus size women. And they are not charging an arm and a leg for it either. They have unique designs you will seldom find anywhere else and for less than $10 you can have the sleeves lengthened (or shortened) and many other alterations to suit your fit standards.

Plus Size Shopping at Eshakti


Old Navy took their plus size market to an online venue only and caused a huge uproar but honestly I think they were pretty smart about it. The online world has become a haven for plus size shoppers to shop in piece. Old Navy offers bargain prices for short term pieces or budgets and the clothing is really cute too.

Plus Size Shopping at Old Navy

Old Navy

If you have not ventured into too many online shops I highly recommend you start with these ones then maybe do a little UK shopping.

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  1. Jackie W. - Kanasas says:

    Christopher Banks & Dressbarn have plus sizes locally.

    • Yes they do! CJ Banks I believe is the plus size line as well as individual store by the same company. I have a friend who loves the dressbarn — especially their plus size tops.