Lady in Red

Actress Anne Hathaway famously swears by Chanel’s family of red lipsticks for nights on the town and sexy movie scenes.

About five years ago I fell in love with a Chanel lipstick so creamy and delightful, so punchy-red and inviting that people stopped me on the street to ask what I was wearing. The red was a perfect cherry with maybe the tiniest hint of orange but it was a color I’ve been unable to find since losing the stick while moving into my first New York apartment.

Today, Chanel offers a ton of killer red lip colors to explore and enjoy, but the other day I found myself absolutely enthralled by a less expensive, just as covetable new hue. Ditch the department store cosmetics section, girls, and head over to Revlon Matte lipstick awaits your arrival on the beauty scene.

I purchased this stick on a whim as I waited at the Ulta brick-and-mortar store while my sister-in-law tested out SPF moisturizers. I was drawn to the Revlon lipsticks because of the unbelievably low prices printed on the stickers on their shelves. Since no testers were available, I was wary as I purchased the diva-esque “Really Red,” but was assured by the checkout girl that I would have 30 days to return it if I didn’t love it. Amazing!

This lipstick might not have the luxe feel of my beloved Chanel, but it’s a punchy hue that works for most skintones and stays on all. day. long. That’s right, people. Through myriad phone conversations, caffeinated beverages, and even two meals, mine didn’t even require a touch-up.

Satisfy your curiosity and check out this girl-power stick, available for purchase at only $6.99 on I guarantee you will love it almost as much as that special-occasion Chanel that’s hiding out in your vanity… or lost somewhere in Manhattan.

This photo was taken two hours and one coffee after application.

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  1. That lip shade looks amazing on you! Can’t believe it stood up to coffee!