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On the Plus Side With Moe

More and more plus size clothing retailers are spending the time and money to find out what women want in a jean. Plus size women, pretty much like any other women, want jeans that fit their body type, sense of style, and budget.

City Chic Online has fallen in line with this way of thinking by producing a plus size denim line to rave about. Here is a short production video highlighting four styles from their line.

Currently their plus size jeans fit sizes 14 to 22 and ranges in price from $54 to $68 (not including sale prices). At this posting they had over 50 pairs to choose from in short and regular lengths. A bonus at the moment is their shipping is free to the U.S. and Canada (normally $5 and $10 — which is still incredibly affordable).

plus size jeans from city chic online

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Moe has worked online for over ten years. When she is not writing or on the internet shopping for great plus size finds you can find her in the kitchen making up something yummy. Read more about her in her All Things Chic profile or follow her on twitter.


  1. judy h. says:

    This is a great feature on denim for plus size women. I know through a friend’s experiences, that finding a good fitting, body flattering pair of plus size jeans can be a battle.

    A feature idea: My problem is the opposite. I wear a size 4 SHORT jean. Those are like needles in a haystack as well. Anything I ususally find is baggy in the seat of the pants, but I get them anyway since I know there’s not much else out there. Now, I’m not talking about “petite”, the rise in “petites” is way too short for me. What I need are Misses SHORT. I can’t be the only one out here.