Care for your Boots

Its almost fall — which means BOOT SEASON! (Insert happy dance!) Time to dig those boots that got buried in the back of your closet under a pile of flip flops and get ready for fall!


If you have the closet space, hanging your boots is a great way to prevent scuffing and help them keep their shape. The Boot Hanger is an ingenious way to store your boots and is super affordable!

If hanging isn’t an option. stuffing your boots is a great way to help preserve their shape. You can recycle water bottles (empty and dry, of course), save the cardboard shapers they came with as an inexpensive DIY option. Or check places like The Container Store for boot stands and even inflatable boot shapers!


Your poor boots have been drying out all summer. Pamper leather boots with a Leather Cleaning and Conditioning treatment, to prevent the leather from cracking.  For suede and sheepskin, try the Ugg Care Kit – it even includes a bush to scrub those winter grimies off. If you have salt on your boots, try dabbing on a solution of 70% water and 30% white vinegar – the vinegar will absorb the salt stains. (Spot test first, obviously!)



For Suede and Sheepskin, you’ll want to waterproof again for fall. I use Ugg Water and Stain Repellent once a year on my boots to keep them from soaking in all that winter dishes out and they stay looking like new.

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