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Beating the summer heat is harder some days than it should be but here are a few tips to get you on the right track.

On really hot days your cotton camisoles are your friends so take full advantage of them by layering over them with some of summer’s coolest tops. The black, white, and tan neutrals serve their purpose but liven things up with color. There are many different looks you can easily create for each day of the week with your brightly colored cotton camis.

The Shrug

When it comes to layering a cami the shrug is usually the obvious choice because it so easily covers the arms. It also never seems to go out of fashion. I love this hot Red Lacy Knitted Shrug with scalloped edging from Yours Clothing. Red shrugs look fabulous with navy or white (very nautical) but do not be afraid to mix it with pinks, yellows, or greys. Try to avoid green as it always comes across a little too much like Christmas.

plus size red shrug from Yours Clothing

The Sheer Top

This is one of my favorite looks this year. I am not brave enough to wear a solid colored sheer top over a dark bra (power to the women who can pull it off) but I am definitely brave enough to wear it over a cami. Personally I like to use complimentary colors. i.e. if it is a pink sheer top I love a pink cami under it. But I especially like print sheer blouses like the Embellished Striped Blouse from Lane Bryant. Very classy and totally doable for work. And so many matching color choices to choose from.

plus size sheer top from Lane Bryant

The Light Weight Cardigan

I actually have this Open Front Slub Yarn Cardigan from Ulla Popken. It is super sheer knit that is warm enough to fend off the chilliest air conditioner but light enough to not swelter from the humidity.

plus size lightweight cardigan from Ulla Popken

The Netting Top

One of may favorite casual tops is the netting top (or crochet tops), like these two from City Chic Online. I especially like these kinds of tops layered over a bold color to create a really alluring peek-a-boo effect. They look great with regular blue jeans or color denim shorts.

plus size crochet tops from City Chic Online

The White Shirt

I could not mention a classic like a shrug without mentioning another old standby almost every woman has in her closet and often ignores because she feels washed out when she wears it — the white shirt. Well dust it off and throw it on over a bright chartreuse cami. Or freshen up your whites with the Venetian Pleat Shirt from CJ Banks!.

plus size white shirts from CJ Banks

There are so many layering possibility with these five additions to your wardrobe. During breaks, if it is really warm they are easy enough to slip off your outer layer and enjoy a few degrees of coolness.

Staying Cool Beyond Clothing.

Under some heat conditions there is nothing you can do but settle in, grin, and bear it. Here are a few tips for that go beyond clothing to keep you cool.

  • For an extra burst of sweet coolness put some washed red grapes in a portable freezer container and stick in the freezer the night before. They are a tasty snack to suck on and totally refreshing.
  • Cool your jets by sitting on a Gel Cooling Pad — no moisture and works for up to eight hours. Women tend to retain a lot of heat down south so sitting on a cooling pad provides instant long term relief during hot weather. Your co-workers will be trying to steal it off your chair. I purchased one on eBay for $15.
  • Invest in a thermos and fill it mostly with ice. Suck on ice pieces throughout the day to keep cool and then sip the icy water that slowly melts to the bottom.
  • When you get home make yourself a watermelon smoothie: 2 cups chilled watermelon, 1 ripe banana, juice from half a lemon, and 4 to 6 ice cubes. Blend and enjoy. For extra kick you can add 1/2 oz of Bacardi.

What do you do to keep cool?

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