Miley Cyrus Debuts Super Short Do

Miley Cyrus shocked the world yesterday as she debuted her new super-short, partially shaved do.

Oh, sweetie.

She is obviously going for something edgy and different, which she certainly achieved. Miley has great bone structure and with her heart face shape she can wear pretty much any style and look fabulous. (Insert jealous pout.)  But I don’t think this is very flattering at all. Drastic changes are so tricky with hair – they can end up as a horrible mistake… or the best thing you ever did.

Remember when Katie Holmes went from long brown hair to this? Women were flocking to their salons demanding the same cut!


And it’s certainly not even close to how fabulous another child star’s dramatic chop was…


Emma and Katie’s chops cemented their places as style icons, while Miley’s not-so-much.

Have you ever done a drastic cut to your hair? Did you love it or hate it?


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