DressSpy: No More “Who Wore It Best”

While sometimes its fun to put in your vote in the magazines “Who Wore It Best” features, I have no desire to be in that situation!! And thanks to the new UK company, DressSpy, I do not have to worry!


This is such a great idea!! With DressSpy, you get your own private web space for you and your guests to share dress photos and to chat about your upcoming event.

Its perfect for wedding planning – especially if the wedding party and families are living far apart.  Then the Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, and all the wedding parties and families can see what everyone else is wearing!! I love it! It would be a great way to avoid drama – no more stressful phone calls with you being in the middle of your mom and future MIL! They can go on the site and see exactly what the other person is wearing!

How DressSpy works: Like I said, with DressSpy, you get your own private web space for you and your guests to share dress photos and to chat about the event. Your private event page enables everyone that is invited to post pictures, swap ideas and chat together. And you get access to fashion and occasional wear articles and advice from DressSpy experts. Its perfect for an out of town event, since guests can share local salon and shopping spots and help everyone coordinate! Your guests will have a private place to all get to know each other and bond before the event happens.

Not only is this great for weddings, but I think my friends will love it for conferences and events. Usually we end up texting photos to each other, but a site where we can all post our pics together in one place and chat about our outfit stresses would be so perfect!

This is such a fabulous idea – frankly I can’t believe no one has thought of it yet! Well done, DressSpy! Brides – and women everywhere – owe you a big thank you for making our weddings and events that much easier! Its not wonder this idea is taking off and has recently been featured in articles in Bride and Wedding magazines!

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disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me for DressSpy. All opinions are my own.

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