Corolle Emma

Did you know there is a simple tool you can get to make potty training easier? Its made by Corolle and her name is Emma!

One of the best ways to learn something is to teach someone else to do it. And this applies to potty training as well!  By training the doll to go potty, children are learning themselves. What makes the Emma and Paul (male version of the potty doll) truly unique is the fact they are anatomically correct. Truly, these Corolle Potty Training dolls really do show a realistic rendering of the private parts for both little girls and little boys along with being able to drink a bottle of water and then pee pee on the potty. To make your doll go pee-pee on the potty, just feed your doll about 1/2 a bottle of water by squirting the bottle into the doll’s mouth while she or he is laying on their side. Then, turn the doll upright, pull down the panties and squeeze the dolls belly while they are sitting over the toilet.

These Corolle Potty Training Dolls make a great gift for any potty training toddler or preschooler and are highly recommended by Potty Training experts at Potty Training in Less than a Day too. Priced at about $45 these are fun to play with far after the potty training stage is over, given how fascinated kids are with everything potty, and its perfect for bringing in the bath and they  fit perfectly into the 14-inch Corolle doll clothes!

Disclosure: I’m a brand ambassador for Corolle this holiday season. These samples were provided to us to facilitate our reviews. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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