Denim Care 101

You invest a lot in your jeans. Don’t just throw them in the regular wash cycle like your ol’ fat-day yoga pants. Care for them! Just a few simple steps will keep your jeans looking and feeling like new.

WASH: Most denim needs to be washed only every 4-5 wearings. When you do, wash them inside out in cold water, and be sure to use something to protect the color like Woolite Extra Dark Care.

DRY: Air-dry jeans on a drying rack. Avoid the dryer – the heat will break down the fibers and make them lose their shape. Avoid ironing as well – if you need to de-wrinkle, throw in the dryer on ‘fluff’ for about 10 minutes.

STORE: Hang up jeans to store if you can – the folding can create creases where you don’t want them.


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