Best Glasses for your Face Shape

The stars are loving their bold glasses lately!

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Don’t stress about your glasses! Just follow a few simple steps:

  • Proportionally match the size of the glasses to the size of your face and your features.  If you have a tiny, pixie-like face, huge glasses will overwhelm you.
  • Choose a frame shape that is opposite your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, choose rectangular frames—the angles will offset the fullness of your face. If you have an angular face or strong jaw line, choosing glasses with softer lines or rounded edges will balance the sharp features.
  • When trying on glasses, you always want to make sure that your eyes are center in the frame horizontally.
  • Pay attention to your brow line and cheekbones: The right frames will play up your natural assets, the wrong ones will work against you. Contours of the frame should follow the general shape of your brow. A frame that cuts across your cheek bones fights with the architecture of your face.
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  1. I’ve been hankering for some bigger frames ever since I went to NYC last month and saw everyone wearing them. I love the ones pictured on Ann Hathaway. I WANT THOSE!