Bio-Oil Review

Bio-Oil has been around for the last ten years. You would think after all this time more people would know about it but it is one of the cosmetic industries best kept secrets. If you are one of the many who have not heard of this specialty oil please read on.

This mildly scented oil has been proven to help “improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone” as well as reducing fine lines caused by aging and re-hydrating skin. Many people falsely assume that their stretch marks will disappear but that would really take a miracle!

A bottle of Bio-Oil.

Bio-Oil is fairly easy to find in the cosmetic section of your local pharmacy store in the lotions section as well as many online stores including Amazon. Ounce per ounce you will probably notice this is a bit more expensive than your regular lotion.

Unlike your regular lotion, with Bio-Oil a little goes along way. When I first started using this silky oil I was put off by its unusual sent — I find it hard to describe — I thought it was almost medicinal (but not really) and my husband thinks it smells like the old powder puff his grandmother used to use. If you generally wear a perfume then the strong scent could conflict. I find it seems to wear off after a few hours.

Pouring Bio-Oil on skin.

The texture is silky and very light. I have used it on my face and did not break out. As I mentioned the scent is unusual so I do not particularly like using it on my face but I occasionally apply it at night if I think my skin needs a little boost or extra hydration.


It absorbs fairly quickly. For the photos in this review I put a few drops on my hands and rubbed it in. Within a minute is was mostly absorbed and within two minutes I could go back to fully using my hands (although my husband would not let me touch the new camera).


While other oils tend to linger on the skin hours after application I found that Bio-Oil absorbs much quicker probably because it is a lighter and thinner oil. After about five hand washes I am just starting to feel the effects wear off about the knuckles. The product info says it is made with at least three different oils as well as PurCellin Oil™ which they attribute to its non-greasiness.

Bio-Oil Final Look

I have fair and somewhat sensitive skin and have used Bio-Oil to varying degrees over the last six months on my face, breasts, and legs with no irritation. I like the results of the oil but because of the price I find myself using it sparingly as well as sporadically on the body and more to target trouble areas like elbows, knees, or other areas where I might get a troublesome dry patch.

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