How to Prevent Winter Frump

I can’t pinpoint exactly when, but at some point in winter, so many normally stylish women suddenly turn frumpy. Myself included.

Something about the cold weather just entices me to throw on my warmest sweater and softest pants, without any regard for fashion. But if Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears can’t pull off uggs and oversized sweatshirts, neither can you or I. So this winter I’m determined not to let the frump take over, no matter how cold it gets. Here’s what I plan to do. Will you join me?

#1 – Invest in a statement coat.

If you prefer a classic style, choose a bold color. This forest green coat will look good this winter, and many winters to come. Or for a more fashion-forward style, try a cape like this one from Betsey Johnson. Either way, a stylish coat is just as warm as an outdated one. And if you’re going to wear a coat anyways, why not rock the look?

#2 – Figure out your personal hat style. One size/shape does not fit all.

Yes, it’s easy to stick with a beanie, but let’s be honest… not everyone actually looks good in one.

And it’s just as easy to throw on a hat that does look good on you; you simply have to take the time to figure out the most flattering hat shape for you first. Consider a classic cloche or newsboy hat. If you feel either style leaves your ears exposed, keep them warm with a pair of fleece ear mitts. Or perhaps a pair of fuzzy earmuffs is more your style.

Whichever you prefer, now is the perfect time to try on a wide selection of hat shapes because stores are filled with any number of different styles. Head to your favorite retailer and snap a few photos. As Cher taught us in Clueless, mirrors can’t be trusted. But instead of scrounging up a Polaroid on eBay, in 2012 you can just use your smartphone.

#3 – Do not fear leggings.

Leggings are your friend. Unlike jeans, leggings slide effortlessly into your favorite boots. They also pair easily with any number of ensembles like skirts, tunics, or sweater dresses to flatter your unique body type. There’s nothing more comfortable or stylish than leggings so if you haven’t already, snag a pair or two. You won’t regret it.


What are your favorite ways to keep the frump out of your winter wardrobe?

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