Fashion Friday: InStyle Inspired

I often get asked where I get ideas. Running this fashion and beauty site, you’d think I’d run out of things to share after awhile! Not that the occasional writer’s block doesn’t get me, but it really isn’t as hard as you might think! Probably half the time, I just come up with an idea based on something I’ve seen or experienced. For example, “OOO. I love that girl’s pink bag! I’m going to write a post about pink accessories.” Or maybe “I love this new mascara!” Or “Sale! SCORE! I should write about it… after I buy these cute boots!” (That is also an example of why it can be hard to make money on a fashion blog… lots of temptation to spend on great deals!!)

Probably one of my biggest sources of inspiration is my serious addiction to fashion magazines. And my absolute favorite is InStyle magazine.  I love when I open my mailbox and see and InStyle magazine inside! As soon as I can, I set aside some time to sit (maybe with a glass of wine) and just peruse it from cover to cover and get inspired! It has a great blend of high and low end fashions and offers realistic beauty tips and street style for every body type.  I can read one issue and come up with at least ten post ideas! For example, this article really caught my eye. First off, because I LOVE the color Berry, but also the outfits and ideas on the page were fabulous!


So  I wrote a post with my own finds in Berry for my All Things Chic readers! My pics were probably a smidge more affordable than the InStyle picks, but had the same idea. Its a great color that looks fantastic on almost everyone!

Fullscreen capture 1102013 81329 PM.bmp

See what I mean? Coming up with fashion posts is super easy with a resource like InStyle.  And right now they have a special deal – 15 issues for less than $20! Not a bad deal for more than a year of fashion and beauty inspiration!

Where do you find your inspiration for fashion posts?

disclosure: I’m an InStyle Ambassador and this post contains affiliate links, so I earn a but of money if you purchase. Which I will probably use to buy more boots.

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  1. I love fashion mags too! I get Glamour and Marie Claire, the paper editions. In my mailbox. Like it’s the 90s. And, I love it. Glamour is my fave.

  2. I love InStyle! I have had a subscription for years now. These days I enjoy it on my Kindle Fire. 😉

  3. Honestly I don’t read that many fashion mags..isn’t that crazy??
    I love to look at catalogs for inspiration…but when I DO buy, InStyle is definitely at the top top top of the list.

  4. I have always been a fashion magazine addict. My three favourites are Lucky, Instyle and the fashion bible Vogue. But since I started fashion blogging I have been spending more and more time on other fashion blogs and places like Pinterest. I find Pinterest to be a gold mine of inspiration. I is hard not to get in to the habit of buying something new to blog though!

  5. I always LOVE the ideas you come up with! I love how you take a trend and offer so many affordable choices! I have been searching for a fashion magazine that fits my age and my pocketbook and offers great content as well. When I do purchase a magazine it is always In Style, but this might be a treat to receive it in the mail!
    Thank you!

  6. Love InStyle magazine, always has an exceptional layout and pretty, sparkly things 🙂 I truly love, too, that your inspirations lead us to find affordable fashion choices!

  7. I love InStyle, too! They always are on trend and have great ideas! Berry is such a lovely color…works well with just about every girl!

    Knocked Up Fabulous

  8. I love InStyle & Lucky. I also get inspiration from Chatelaine & Canadian Living. Lifestyle Magazines have their Style sections as well. Jane is on the mark when she talks about Pinterest. I get lots of inspiration there as well.

  9. InStyle is one of my favorites. Just settling in on the couch with it to flip through the latest trends is one of the things I look forward to each month!

  10. CRAVE Beauty says:

    I read this magazine every month. Some good style tips for different price levels. Now when I go into a store I’m trying to remember things that I read from the current issue.