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We already know that emerald is the color of the year for 2013, right?   Well, Pantone has gone leaps ahead of just a color…. they have identified the colors of the season for fall 2013!! You can bet to see these all over the runways at fashion week.

Greens will continue to rule through the next season, with three shades in the fall palette! The color earning the top spot is Deep Lichen Green, a muddied hunter green, while Acai, a purple inspired by the berries, came in second. Also on the list: Emerald, Mykonos Blue (inspired by the Greek Island), Turbulence (a true grey), Samba (a gorgeous muted red), Linden Green (a greenish yellow), Carafe (a coffee brown), Koi (very close to Tangerine Tango) and Vivacious (a rich pink).


Pantone Color Institute’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman told WWD: “If you ever walked in the forest or the woods in the fall when the leaves have fallen, there is such a gorgeous mélange of color. This palette reflects those wonderful fall colors but at the same time there are colors that bring a certain sturdiness and structure.”

What do you think?? Which color are you most excited to rock this fall? Personally, I’m LOVING Samba and Acai!

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  1. Just when I was figuring out Emerald as the Color of the Year, along comes an entire palette!

    I have most of the more muted tones already, but I’m intrigued by Samba. It looks like a fun shade to try.