Boho Glam Love

My first Julep Maven box arrived this month and Julep did not disappoint with my Boho Glam style selection. If you are not familiar with Julep they are a toxin free nail polish company that offers a monthly mail order program throughout the U.S. and Canada. Basically you sign up by filling out their online survey to determine your style and they send out a monthly selection of two polishes and a beauty product. Each month you get to see what it is ahead of time and can approve or skip it.

My first Julep box arrived with a grey creme polish called Lisa and a red fine sparkle polish called Petra. The larger sparkle polish you see under that is an add-on purchase ($4.99) called O Canada.

Three nail polishes from Julep Maven.

The grey was opaque enough that it only required one coat, while I was at it I topped it off with a coat of O Canada.


I love the red sparkles and grey combination. Next time I want to make some red dots with the Petra red using a dotting tool.


Speaking of the Petra red, I absolutely love this color. Sometimes it looks like a deep red and sometimes it has a purple hue. And if you look really close you can see lots of fine sparkles. This is my new favorite color. I am going to add some grey Lisa dots later in the week to freshen it up.


I am in the process of heavily conditioning my cuticles to make them all pretty, it is a long process. I am also filing my tips a lot to keep them ultra smooth — if they are not super smooth then I tend to pick at them until they are up to the cuticle. That being said, the Julep nail color lasted about eight days before some major chipping occurred. I imagine it would have lasted longer had I been wrapping the tops of the nails and not using so much oil.


It has been a fun month playing with new nail colors and a new (to me) nail lacquer company. I am looking forward to playing with next month’s colors!

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