Addition-Elle’s Heats Up

On the Plus Size with Moe

The summer look book for Addition-Elle is flaming hot with sexy and fun options to keep us cool and fashionable this summer. Keep an eye out for the luscious editorial featuring Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn, and Georgina Burke who are smoldering in the Arizona landscape!

Plus size camouflage pants from Addition-Elle.

As you can see from the slideshow below prints are in abundance and the others are rich.

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I am digging the light camouflage pants, their skinny print pants, and the open weave tops. I also love that they have a variety of floral prints ranging from petite to ginormous flowers. They have made great use of summer whites as accent colors. I love it when we are given variety!

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  1. These models are simply gorgeous. Magnificent curves accented by fab clothing choices. I adore all the looks. Thank you so very much for making me aware of Addition-Elle.