The Simple French Manicure

Do not let the “French Manicure” part of the above title chase you away. This tutorial is much easier and provides a natural appearance that is perfect for every day wear or any occasion where you do not want your nails dominating your appearance but still want a more than natural look.

The final results for a Sheer French Manicure.

You do not need an incredibly steady hand to pull off this manicure like you would with the traditional French because this one uses a sheer white polish for the tips which is incredibly natural looking instead of an opaque white. Even with two coats it does not look as bright.

The products I use in the following video are from Sally Hansen and Julep but you can substitute similar shades from any brand. The whole process takes three steps: applying pink tint to nail bed, sheer white to tips, and a top coat to blend everything.

If you find your first attempt did not go as well as planned please give it another go. The first attempt with any nail art is always considered the practice run. Have fun and enjoy your new mani!

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