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Heading back to work after being home for three months with Jake was a little bit of a shock at first.  Not the actual work part – I was okay with that.  But things like wearing shoes and packing a lunch had become foreign to me after twelve weeks of flip flops and day long snacking.  And then there was my hair.  My daily routine of throwing it back in a wet pony after showering was not going to cut it once I was back in the office.
It’s a shame really.  That there aren’t more workplaces accepting of a dress code consisting of yoga pant, flip flops and bed head.
Thankfully the kind folks at Misikko sent me the HANAair hair dryer to help me out in the mornings.  I’m pretty picky about hair dryers…especially since I have long hair.  I’ve gone through many hair dryers that take too long, are too hot, or sound like a jet engine.  So the HANAair from Hana Salons was a pleasant surprise.  The ceramic heater created a hot (but not burning) air flow that quickly dried my hair (in about 10 minutes which is FAST for me)!  And while I could go on and on about the ion conditioning technology and antibacterial protection – there were two things that won me over on this hair dryer (in addition to its drying abilities):
1) It was light.  And fit in my hand easily.  I don’t know whose monster hands some of these companies are modeling their design after, but the HANAair was definitely made for a smaller woman’s hands.
2) The cord is super long.  Like, twelve feet long.  I can plug the dryer into the bathroom outlet and walk across the hallway – while drying my hair – to check on Jake in his room.  And when I’m not pacing around the upstairs while doing my hair, the cord neatly hangs to the floor.  Which may sound like an odd thing to be excited about.  If you’ve ever had a short cord on a hair dryer, you’d understand.  There’s nothing worse than the cord knocking over EVERYTHING on your counter, or not being able to reach a hairbrush or something because you’re tethered to the wall with only two feet to spare.
It’s definitely on the more expensive end of the hair dryer spectrum, but worth it if you’re looking to save some time the morning or for a reliable hair dryer that actually conditions your hair as you dry.  Don’t forget to check out the amazing ceramic flat irons that Misikko has…if my hair weren’t already straight I’d be all over them.

disclaimer: i received a hanaair to review from misikko.  as always, all opinions are my own.
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