ATC Favorite: Corolle Chic

My daughter is obsessed with Corolle fashion dolls! The Les Cheries Fashions are completely darling: amazingly on trend for a toy! I feel like most doll fashions are designed as fashions people ‘think’ girls like – not what they actually would wear and certainly not what is really trendy!

My little fashionista Gracie and I love Corolle’s Les Cheries line! We have Capucine ($50) and she is so lovely. I’m so impressed with the quality of her clothing. And her hair!! Even with a 9-year-old messing – I mean, playing – with her hair and doing little hairstyles all the time, it is looking great still!  Some of our favorite Corolle fashions…

Chic Coat and Bag

Fullscreen capture 11202013 105425 AM.bmp

Trench Coat & Denim Derbies

Fullscreen capture 11202013 105707 AM.bmp

Party Dress

Fullscreen capture 11202013 105917 AM.bmpCardigan Set

Fullscreen capture 11202013 110122 AM.bmp

Corolle is a premium doll brand designed in France, whose faces are sculpted in the likeness of real babies. Corolle dolls are life like, adorable, and all the dolls always have a fresh vanilla scent – that is just lovely. They are as far from those creepy fake baby dolls as you can get! We adore Corolle’s products here on All Things Chic and highly recommend them for the holidays!


Disclosure: I’m a brand ambassador for Corolle this holiday season. These samples were provided to us to facilitate our reviews. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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