Textured Nails

This summer Sally Hansen released two textured nail polishes. I happened upon them quite accidentally, on sale, at the local drugstore and had to pick some up. While both textured formulas come in a few color options I only picked one of each.

Fuzzy Coat Nail Polish

The first one I grabbed was the Fuzzy Coat in Wool Knot. This is a heavily textured polish with long worm like flecks, yes that is what I said. They are mixed in a clear polish. You can put them on a clear base coat but I highly recommend using a contrast polish to get the full fuzzy effect.

Blue and white fuzzy coat nail polish by Sally Hansen.

I used a navy for this one on the second try. To get a nice textured layer, two coats is a must. Once coat looked more wormy than furry and I found three coats was too much clump. It’s is definitely textured but I am not sure I would call it furry.

Sugar Coat Nail Polish

The second color I tried was from Sugar Coat in Bubble Plum. I love the color. This is a matte polish with little bumps in it that are supposed to look like sugar granules. It does. And it feels rough to touch which I did not mind after the first day of adjustment. You can feel the bottle in store to get an idea of what it feels like. This polish definitely requires two coats to get a nice even finish.

Bubble plum nail polish with texture granules by Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat.

It is weird getting used to textured nails. It always feels like there is something there that shouldn’t be. Of the two types of texturing I definitely like the Sugar Coat the best and recommend trying it over the Fuzzy. I definitely see myself wearing it more and combining it with other colors.

Reminder: with any textured polish always use a base coat for easier removal later.

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