Easy Appetizer: Sausage Platter

I hosted a fall open house and I was looking for good appetizer recipes. I had dips, cheese platters, veggie platters, flatbread pizzas –

fall open house buffet | fall #entertaining

but I wanted another protein that would taste great at room temperature. So I came up with this easy appetizer!

Easy #Appetizer Sausage Platter

Sausage Platter

Sausage Platter


  • 3-5 different types of sausages (I used Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage, Spinach Fontina & Garlic Chicken Sausage, Hofbrau Brats and Sweet Italian Sausage - all from Trader Joe's.)
  • Honey Dijon Mustard (Mine is from our farmer's market, but Grey Poupion has a great one!)


  1. Day before the party: Bake sausages on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes at 350. Let cool and put in fridge for tomorrow. (I separated them into 4 containers, since they all looked alike!)
  2. 1/2 hour before party: Slice sausages into bite sized pieces. One type of sausage at a time, quickly heat up in a grill pan or frying pan.
  3. Serve on a big platter with mustard.


If you buy pre-cooked sausages, you can skip step one altogether! Even easier!


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