Corolle Dolls: Memories that Last a Lifetime

We all have those toys that stayed with us though the years. When at my mother’s house this summer, I found my old dollie. When I was a child, I had a little rag doll I called “Lollie” and she was my constant companion until I finally stopped sleeping with her around age 10.  I had Cabbage Patch Dolls, Barbies galore, Legos out the wazoo – but Lollie was so special and even today when I see her, she is so precious.  My kids all have lovies of their own. Eliza had a stuffed dog (who is rather raggity now) named “Waggin'” (cause he liked ‘waggin’ his tail). Colin has a blanket that is now mostly holes. But Grace… Grace has her dolls.


From a very early age, she had her ‘beebees.’  She pushed them in strollers, carried them to the grocery store or church, fed them, bathed them and loved them to pieces. We’ve brought baby dolls along to India, Greece, Turkey, Jamaica and the Bahamas – they have more stamps in their passports than most people!

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Not much has changed…

And even now – at 9-years-old, she still loves dolls. She sleeps with her Corolle doll, Toby,  every night. She literally plays with one every day. But this love of nurturing play has extended to her life. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She wants to  take care of sick babies.  When her BFF comes over, they play hospital and line up all their dolls and pretend they are nurses in the nursery.

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Whenever we have a friend with a baby, Corolle is the gift we choose to give.  One of Gracie’s beloved dollies was given to her when her baby brother was born, so she could play ‘mama’ just like Mama.  When I fed Colin, she gave her baby a bottle. When I changed his diaper, she changed Toby’s diaper. When we took Colin for a walk in the stroller, she joined right in! And when a friend of ours has a baby, we always give the older sibling a Corolle doll because we know what a special gift this was to our Gracie.

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 disclosure: i am a corolle ambassador this holiday season. all opinions are my own.

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