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Tired of all your nail polish? Do you have a few bottles you hate and feel guilty about not using? Or do you get bored half way through your manicure like I do? The last few weeks I have been going crazy with glitter top coats and highly suggest (if you haven’t already) adding a glitter top coat to your cache and see how you can make even the most subdued shade a little more jazzy. Glitter top coat is the easiest way to spruce up your nail polish and it doesn’t have to only be for special occasions.

To show you what I mean here are five colors from my nail polish stash dressed up with the same simple glitter. The glitter in question is Sally Hansen’s Copper Penny — I am seriously in love with this top coat which surprisingly goes well with so many other colors.

Julep’s Zora

This very pale pink nail polish has a fine opalescent sparkle to it that you can see in the bottle but not really on the nail. It also does not go on smoothly as you can see in the image below, with two coats there are still nail patches showing through and it looks uneven. It is not one of my favorite polishes because of this.

My nails with Julep's pale pink Zora.

But add some glitter and I can’t even tell!

My Zora nail polish topped with two coats of copper penny.

L’oreal’s Not a Cloud in Sight

This is one of my favorite robin egg blue nail polishes. It goes on lovely but takes a bit longer to dry. Which I should have remembered because I had an OOPsie on the ring finger that happened after I took the first photo. That is another good thing about glitter top coats. They hide problems like this.

My nails are looking pretty with L'Oreal's not a cloud in sight nail polish.

I flattened with my finger and gave it another coat of polish followed by a top coat of glitter and I couldn’t tell that I smushed it.

But it is looking even prettier with a coat of glitter top coat.

Avon’s Racy

This is one of my favorite reds. It’s bold and it’s deep and it goes on great. But I tend to get antsy with too many days of red so a little glitter can really liven it up — hard to believe red could be any livelier but it’s true. And red loves glitter of all kinds.

My nails are red hot in Avon's Racy nail polish.

I decided to be a little different and only paint half of the nail with glitter. I could have easily done the other half.

Glitter tips on red nail polish.

Sally Hansen’s Pat on the Black

This purple black nail polish came to via a review box from Influenster. The color is divine on its own but OMG look at it when it’s combined with copper glitter.

My nails painted with a very dark purple that is almost black but not quite.

If you have ever been afraid to try darker colors like this then adding a coat of glitter on top is a good way to ease into it. Black is no longer solely in the Gothic / Rock domain.

And topped off with some copper glitter.

Revlon’s Steel-Her Heart

This is a really old favorite of mine. It is a dark grey with a bit of luster to it. Unfortunately it tends to go on stripey.

My nails are all steely in Revlon's Steel-her Heart nail polish.

I didn’t need to overdo it with the copper glitter to make it even more sensational — just a light coating of sparkle.

And just a touch of copper glitter on top.

Sally Hansen’s Copper Penny

And of course there is the option of going with only the sheer sparkle. This is only one coat but I could have easily built up the sparkle with one or two more.

My nails with just a simple top coat of copper penny glitter.

Do you already incorporate glitter top coats into your manicures? Or are you going to start now?

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  1. Okay, it’s official, I need that copper glitter polish! I love how it looked on every single color you showed. You’re totally right, glitter polishes can really improve less than great formulas. Great post!

    xo Always, Abby

  2. I’m sorry but if you are going to post close-ups of your nails they should be better groomed. Your cuticles are dry, rough and uneven – look crusty. – especially on the blue and pale neutral colors.

    • Thanks for leaving such a positive message Stacia, you truly made my day. I love it when people leave such a positive energy behind when they visit. FYI: They are not “crusty”. The drying drops leave a residue behind until I rinse them off.