A Day in the City Pant

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I hit the ground running. I have to get up, showered and dressed. Then I get (drag) my kids out of bed and getting them ready for school, fed and out the door at three different times to get them where they need to go with everything they need, with lunches, homework, violins, and whatnot.

Its quite a way to start the day – and its just beginning! That’s why my wardrobe is full of items like the Athleta City Pant. They go with me from morning craziness to errands to working out to relaxing (finally) at the end of the day! (Especially in spring, when the temperature will swing about 30 degrees in a single day!)  They’re lightweight, but have a relaxed fit, so you can wear them over leggings in cold weather. I love the cinched hem, so I can play with the length or even roll them up to capris in warmer weather.

These pants truly work with whatever my day throws at me. After the whirlwind of getting the kids off to school, my last morning duty before settling into my office to work is to drop off my youngest at the bus stop and sneak in a good walk with the dog. Between the walk and chasing the kids around all morning – the pup will usually settle in for a nice nap while I work.

city pant morning

The mornings here are still chilly, so I paired my Athleta City Pants with my The North Face Thunder Jacket ($249) and my New Balance running shoes (similar).

I typically stop working at 3 and begin the afternoon shuffle! Ballet lessons, music, baseball practice… I’m on the move. Thankfully, I have my iPhone, so when things come up, I can work from anywhere – even at the pool while cheering on a swim practice. Its a great time to be a working mom!

afternoon errand with City Pant

Today I was headed to the gym, the grocery store and dropping the girls off at practice. I’m dressed cute, but comfy: City Pant is worn with the Chi Tank* ($39), the City Chick Coat ($75 – on sale!), Converse sneakers and my big ol’ Louis Vuitton Neverfull (just because its a ‘Mom Purse’ doesn’t mean it can’t be chic!).
*I’m obsessed with the Chi Collection and really must stop buying so much of it. But its seriously the most comfy, light-weight, gorgeously cut collection of tees… I cannot get enough!

Today included one of our favorite activities Girls on the Run! After practice, my daughter was so jazzed up she wanted to run even more, so we took a quick spin around the neighborhood. It was getting chilly, so I layered on a fleece over my Chi Tank. I love running with my daughter – she cracks jokes the entire time and we usually end up stopping to catch our breath from laughing at least once!


When the day is finally over, I wish I could say that I was headed out for a glam night on the town or a date night with the husband, but its usually just making dinner for the family and hanging out before tucking everyone into bed and starting the race again tomorrow!

city pants at night

After a full day, there’s nothing like a comfy outfit – my City Pants are cozy with my Tom’s and this sweatshirt from the Lou & Grey collection at Loft ($49).

I’m just loving how my Athleta City Pants take me through my day:

A Day in a City Pant

What about you? Do you have an item that can go with you all day? Share!


disclosure: I’m an Athleta Style Contributor. I was provided with a gift card to shop and facilitate this post, but shop there all the time anyway and most of these items were already in my closet!

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  1. wow! those do not look like ‘comfy’ pants at all! no one would know 🙂

  2. I think I need those pants. I have a pair (okay 4 pairs) of these wide leg, soft cotton pants from Target that I wear dressed up, dressed down, and would honestly live in…forever. They’re the best!

  3. LOVE these!

  4. Love those pants!

  5. That’s the beauty of Athleta. It is all day wear!

  6. I love versatile clothing options! I need a pair!

  7. I feel like I need to go shopping asap!!! Great options for all New England weather!

  8. I love those! I really need to invest in some Athleta wear!

  9. Must have them. These look perfect to travel in too… but my flight leaves Sunday morning… hmm. Ya think they have these in Suburban Square somewhere?

  10. Love those….I will need to check those out. I live in my yoga pants now that I work from home full time.

  11. i live inmy yoga pants and will occasionally switch it up to jeans. I’d love something new like these to add to the mix.

  12. I LOVE those pants! Any time I can find a comfy pant that doesn’t look like I’m wearing pajamas, I’m all over it! You look super cute in them, too!

  13. Some of my favorites are my track jacket type cardigans with a comfy tee underneath so I can take things off and put them back on throughout the day. And…I am with ya on the Toms! Can’t get much comfier!

  14. I can’t live without my computer. Work-at-home mom!! LOL! LOVE your house!!!

  15. LOVE Athleta. I spend half my life in their activewear! Cute post.