Personalize your Lundby Dollhouse

We absolutely love our Lundby dollhouse. Its one of our favorite toys – Gracie plays with it more than any other toy in our playroom.

Lundby doll houses are typical examples of modern dream homes – in miniature format: 1:18 scale. All of their houses are based on the same fundamental belief – that the urge to play lies in the details. And this conviction obviously applies to the interior design, fixtures and furniture too. They were the first in the world to install electric lighting in their doll’s houses. And when you look at their products, you see painstaking attention to detail and design. No detail is too small to be overlooked. The sitting room is actually a 10-piece set includes an upholstered pink sofa and armchair, 2 contrasting cushions and a sleek white coffee table. PLUS a fluffy area rug, a soft white afghan, 2 books and 1 game box.

And while we love it, we decided its time for a little spring spiff-up! Now you can really personalize your Lundby dollhouse, with everything from wallpapering to sewing [check the website for tons of ideas]. Gracie wanted to do it all by herself. So I turned her loose in the craft store and this is what she came up with!

She thought that the master bedroom was a little… impersonal. So she added this lovely piece of art (found in the scrapbooking session of the craft store) and added a fuzzy area rug and blanket. Fuzzy fabrics like Minky make great accessories to for your dollhouse – from rugs to throws!

lundby makeover

The kids bedroom also needed a few extras. Cut a fun piece of felt to size and it makes a great rug!  We also added this sweet picture – we picked this up at the craft store too.  She came up with the idea to make a cool ‘bean bag’ out of an extra large cotton ball. How cute is that?

lundby kids room makeover

Then, Grace decided to personalize the dining room and living room with some more ‘art’ – also found in the scrapbooking section. She found a ton of ideas there – and everything we bought was under $3, so you can really get creative.

lundby dollhouse customizations

We found these cool frames in the scrapbooking section and she drew pictures on them for the wall. She said, “Every family has kid artwork on their walls! I think they need some too!”

lundby artwork


Our dollhouse has really evolved over the past year! When we first got it, it looked like this:

Pretty empty, right?

Check it out now:
Lundby Smaland Dollhouse

It just keeps getting better and better! That’s what I love about this toy. It just keeps growing with the kids and evolving to be more and more unique! Now THAT is imaginative play at its best!!


disclosure: we will be partnering with lundby to highlight their products with our audience, so we will be receiving products to facilitate posts. some of the shown products were given to us, some we purchased on our own. as always, all opinions are my own. 


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