ATC Favorite: ZICO® Premium Coconut Water™

As a family, we have been trying to make healthier and healthier choices. We’ve made some big changes – like giving up soda – and some small ones – like switching brands of yogurt. Some have been so easy the kids barely noticed and some were met with moans and groans. I’ve been amazed at how different my body feels when I fuel it properly. I sleep better, I have tons more energy, my skin is glowing… all because of what I am eating and drinking!

With the kids, we’ve always encouraged them to make healthy choices. They eat a ton of fruit and veggies, love milk and yogurt and are honestly excited to have fresh fruit for dessert. Lately, we’ve been encouraging the kids to make healthier choices in what they drink. Even juices can be sugar-loaded. We want our food to count – not just be full of empty calories! We’ve been buying juice that is not from concentrate with no added sugar, we’re buying our milk from the local dairy and we stopped buying sports drinks and soda. Small changes, really, but they add up health-wise!

Now, our whole family is loving ZICO® Premium Coconut Water™. My favorite is the original bestselling natural flavor which has zero-added sugar, zero fat and zero cholesterol, is gluten-free and dairy free! My kids prefer the Chocolate and fruit flavors (Pineapple, Mango and Passion Fruit).  As a mom, I love that ZICO is packed with 5 natural electrolytes.  Its perfect for throwing in our beach bag – its a sweet treat that’s good for us!


And after a workout – its a great alternative to the sugary sports drink. (Ok, I’m biased… I can’t STAND sports drinks.) With as much potassium as a banana, it really helps me recover from a longer run!zico post run

In our family we work hard and we play hard. We want to make the most of every day – and to do it we need to keep our bodies strong and healthy!! And we love products like this that help us do just that! I work full time and have three kids. To say my day is packed is an understatement. I typically wake up early and  work from 7 to 3. What do I want to do then? Collapse on the couch because I’m out of energy? Or take the kids on an adventure in the afternoon?

learning to kayak


ZICO. Crack Life Open.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ZICO through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about ZICO, all opinions are my own.

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