Maternity Hacks for Those of You in Denial (Like Me)

We’ve talked before about how cheap-looking (and overpriced!) maternity clothes can be. Like many moms-to-be, I’ve been loving the fast-fashion prices and high-quality feel of ASOS Maternity and H&M Mama, but even still — re-wardrobing oneself when you have a baby budget on the horizon can be kind of stressful. Now solidly in my seventh month, I’d say only about 20% of the clothes I wear are “actual” maternity. Many of them are already part of my wardrobe, and others are “regular” items I’ve picked up a size or two above my usual, and plan to wear in the pudgy months post-baby.


This layering tank is one of my favorite hacks — it’s a unisex item and comes in a million colors. Starting at $14, American Apparel.

My hubby and I like to go on date at least one night a week, and I’ve had every excuse to do a dumpy tee and jean shorts this summer, but sometimes I like to smarten things up with a little black dress. Reach for a drapey fabric and size up 1-2 from what you typically wear in that brand. As long as you select a knee- or midi-length frock like this one, it won’t be too short when you reach your final months. I have a few loose tunics I was wearing as dresses early on, which hilariously turned to tops around Week 27. Build in success with tops and dresses that are extra-long like this one, and you’ll look adorable in them even in month nine. No maternity price tag attached! Crepe Dress, $15, H& or stores nationwide.
hmprodOpen-front Cardi
You can totally go spend a fortune on an open-front cardigan intended for pregnant people, or you can buy the exact. same. product. off the regular racks, in your regular size, and continue to rock it for the next… forever! I had my eye on this style and finally pounced the other day — finding it on sale for $18 at Target. No, I’m not kidding. Buy this adorable, soft waterfall cardigan in blue or black — and get an additional 10% off at checkout by entering code EXTRA10. waterfall2Easy Tees
A comfy tee-shirt is about the best thing you can throw on while pregnant. Unfortunately, as cute as the ruched sides are on the maternity ones, you won’t want to wear those at all when your bump is deflated after baby. And, a basic tee will totally flatter your preggo body as long as the material is stretchy enough. I live for Calypso’s linen crewneck tees which work year-round. I stocked up on a couple that are one size larger than I typically wear, so they flatter the bump now and will be loose and cute once the baby is out and I’m not yet ready to return to my smaller size. 100% linen. Now on sale for $29-$59 (depending on color) from an original $75. Calypso St. Barth.


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